Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Got a New CAR!!!!!

Here's the story......I have a car where the driver side window won't go down, the AC doesn't work, and when I was at the gas station about a month ago the gas lid just fell of. So needless to say I have needed a new car for a while:)

My husband, Chris, is going to basic training in February and we were planning to get a new car before he went.... well today my mom and dad wanted us to come by their we get in the car and drive to my parents. We turn on their street and I catch a gleams of their yard and what do my eyes see.......a CAR with balloons all over it:) I stick my head out the window yelling:) We get in their driveway I jump out of the car and jump up and down for joy.

It is still hard to believe it is mine.I just can't stop smiling. Thank you Jesus:) Thank you Mom and Dad. What a blessing this car is to me:)


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